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the backpacks were packed, the school buses rolled. children across the area, including two of the largest
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districts are back in school today. thank you for watching fox 5 midday news. i'm gurvir dense you. >> i'm allison seymour. concerns over enrollment and school readiness grabbing headlines on this first day, including one school where parents pulled some kids out saying the building wasn't ready. and sherry ly has more from burrows education campus. >> reporter: when students and parents arrived today, the pta greeted them at the door with face masks for the children and a letter warning children to keep the kids out of school for 72 hours because of last-minute construction. despite assurances from the principal that the air quality has been tested and is safe, some parents walked aw. >> we're going to remove them or take them back home. >> and if you show up and there are people handing out face masks to wear in school. >> i think should be in
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school -- shouldn't be in school because i might get sick. >> reporter: renovationsf the 29-year-old d.c. school wrapped up less than 24 hours ago and the pta says there hasn't been enough time to let the paint dry. that worried danna first whose daughter starts preschool. >> she has asthma. i don't think it should be open if that's the case. >> reporter: the school district says they completed air quality tests and it was fine. the floors are new, the wall have been painted. the walls are new. there is a slight smell of newness but some say it's expected. >> i've been in the building since last month and i'm fine. so what you smell, i don't know. but i'm fine. >> it was crunch time and the guys did what they had to d they said it would be open today and it's open today.
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>> reporter: school is open but jazz piper has made up his mind before stepping foot inside. >> if you want in there and it seems okay, will you change your mind? >> no ma'am. it may seem okay, but you don't know >> reporter: some people say if there had been better communication between the schools and the parents, all of this could have been avoided. in northeast, sherry ly, fox 5 news. >> it is unclear how many parents did not send their kids to the school today. final attendance numbers aren't available and an accurate count may remain a mystery for a while. the washington post says there is 37,000 students and the district expects enrollment to go up but school officials would not tell us whether they will meet the goal of 41,000
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students which is what the budget is based on. the fenti administration spelled out the d.c. ps teacher learning framework. this document covers everything from assessing teacher progress and reteaching basic issues. d.c. council member mary chai did her inspection of district 3. dangerous lead levels were found at eaton elementary. other things such as broken doors and air-conditioning systems in classrooms at other schools but despite the small troubles chai was pleased with what she found. and students in prince george's county also made their way back into the classroom. police officers handed out drivers for an on going road
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safety campaign. and a news letter is going out toasteddents staff this week for back to school information to parents for information on inclement weather and parent communications. and prince george's county, frederick county and an arendel county opened up in maryland. more on the schools in just a little bit. and in virginia it's back to class in fauquier, culpeper and spotsylvania county. really nice sunny morning out there so far. but will the clouds stay out of the way? >> and how warm will it get this afternoon? tucker is joining us now with the answer to. that it was a good start for the school year for a lot of students. >> not bad. the humidity w asin chk ecand this afternoon it will be comfortable. temperatures in the upper 80s and you nthedimi out it's not ion and bad at all.
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showers a thunderstorms this morning it the south and east of e theacity. they pushed across the bay and then yo cau nyou can see nthose outo sea. a.d we're left with cloudiness out there. it won't be perfectly sunny, but i think a mix of nouds any a todto a sny afternoon as high pressure builds in. we're not expecting a rain shower or thunderstorm activity so it will be nice and dry out there for you if you want to get outside. 80 degrees right now at reagan national so we are warm. humidity, that's a lot better than it's been. 52%. the reason why, the wind is out of the north at 10 miles per hour and that's hoping the humidity will hold down. nice looking afternoon, mostly sunny, warmer temperatures than yesterday, about 87 degrees and less humidity than the weekend, so that's going to feel good with winds out of the north and northwest at 5-10 miles per hour. i'll have more details on the forecast and let you know when the next chance of rain arrives coming up in a few minutes. back to you at the desk. >> tucker, thanks. well bill is now heading
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out over the north atlantic, its one hi time hurricane was downgraded to a tropical storm creating big waves, big enough to sweep a group of tourists into the water in maine. a 7-year-old girl died in the water. in canada, heavy rains and fierce winds have cut power to thousands in nova scotia. the search for realist tv contestant facing murder charges is now over. it appears ryan jenkins took his own life before police could catch him. >> ' peered on vh1's megan wants to marry a millionaire. police say he murdered his ex- wife in california. lauren sivan reports. >> reporter: an international manhunt comes to an end. police in british colombia believe he committed suicide. >> a person was found in hope, british colombia, is in fact
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ryan jenk ings. the investigation into his death is continuing but preliminary investigation shows he took his on life. >> he's accused of strangling his ex-wife, model jasmine fiore. her body was found on saturday in a trash bin in buena park. she had been missing since august 13th. place say her teeth was knocked out and her fingers cut off in an attempt to mask her identity. a serial number from her breast implants was used to identify her. >> the sadness of this all is that mr. jenkins will not stand before an orange county jury for his crime. >> since being named as a person of interest, he had proven to be ill lucid, driving north in a bmw and then racing toward the north in a speed boat. >> we felt the ring had been tightening on him. he was obviously desperate. >> reporter: they met in -- met
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in las vegas and married three weeks later. they were >> plea police republicane ce are looking to see if anybody helped him in his escape to british colombia. a poster found dead inside her church. carol daniels was found early sunday morning at crease holy sanctified church in oklahoma. so far investigator have no suspects and very few leads. a trip to church turned deadly for a woman in anne arundel county on saturday. the driver of a hippie van lost control and drove on the sidewalk in glen burnie and hit mary collins. that driver, matthew norwood of linthicum took off. officers found him in the parking lot of a convenience store. the archbishop of baltimore has removed a priest from the ministry, pending an investigation into allegations
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of child sexual abuse. someone came forward claiming he was abusein the mid 1970s. the 73-year-old was a pastor a st. mary catholic church in cumberland. new photos of fidel castro and he looks different from the last pictures of him. andain schenn history thre wildfe. df r thief was nabbed in the act while wearing a eedo. to check that out, go to the off beat section of our website at we'll be back in two minutes.
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to some of the stories making headlines around the world. a man confessed to a string of deadly bombing in iraq. the iraqi military aired it on tv. the former police chief said he orchestrated a bombing with the
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leader from saddam hussein's ousted parties and bribed guards with $10,000 to get the truck the bombs were in past check points. police arrested those officers who re manning its check points after that confession. and more deadly violence afghanistan hitting close to home. other american service member was killed this morning. bringing the u.s. death toll to -- this month only to 37. there has been a spike in attacks leading up to last week's controversial presidential election. the electoral complaints commissionas received about 45 complaints of voter fraud. the most common was ballot box stuffing. preliminary results are due out tomorrow. firefighters battling raging fires in greece are making progress now that winds have died down. at least five people have been injured, none of the people have been hurt seriously. this morning dozens of nuns had to be rescued. thousands of other have
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evacuated their homes. and planes and helicopters from france, italy and are helping getting the fire under control. a video aired yesterday of fidel castro. he's seen talking with students from venezuela. he gave power to his brother raul years ago and he's rarely photographed these days. lawmakers gather on the decision to release the lockerbie bomber. this is video of al-megrahi arriving in libia after he was released on compassion at grounds because he is terminally ill. he is the only man convicted of the 1988 pan am bombing. new scottish legislatures are worried the act could damage relations with the united states. they want to question the country's minority government about this decision and some are calling for justice secretary kenny mccaskell who made the decision to step down.
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c.i.a. interrogations under the spotlight once again. a report on the bush administration's handling of suspects will be made public today. it's reportedly going to show that there were questionable acts were used. there is a request that a special unit be created for questioning terror suspects. the president is in the midst of a week long vacation in martha's vineyard. >> the question on health care rakes on and some momentum may be slipping away for the white use. >> reporter: the white house says this is going to be a quiet vacation for the first family. away from all of the cameras a -- and the buzz of washington. but that doesn't mean the president is doing work behind the scenes to push his health care rear form. >> reporter: the pictures look idealic enough.
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the first family arriving on martha vineyards before they rushed off to a 28-acre island compound. it's a world away from the health care debate that continues to swirl around country as lawmakers are watching the plan dropping. >> it's dropping because people with reading the legislation and seeing the details and seeing that the rhetoric used to sell the plan is contrary to the substance of the plan. >> reporter: and the white house had to revise deficit figures up $2 trillion over the next ten years. that makes government directed health care reform an even tougher sell for democrats. >> people with worried about adding to a deficit and national debt which is understandable and the president has said he won't sign a bill which adds to the deficit. >> reporter: there is talk the president may break away from his vacation to pay a special visit to massachusetts senator ted kennedy who is battling brain cancer. health care refo has been his signature issue and his absence
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may be hurting the president's cause. >> because he had a unique way of sitting down with the parties at a table and making the right concessions which really are the essence of successful negotiations. >> and even in the summer doll drums, the negotiations are still under way. >> reporter: at the very least, the president will work the phones during this vacation to try to keep member of hiown party on board for health care reform. he's going to need just about every democrat to get it through. in washington, doug lose aider, fox news. a washington survey found that fewer than half of americans, 49%, say they believe the president will make the right decision for country. that's down from 60% at 100 day mark in this presidency. well are you dragging your feet when it comes to trading notice clunker? you better hurry up. the program ends tonight at 8 but some deepers have already backed out, saying the government is taking too long
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to reimbursement. one dealer said he had never seen customers so happy. it's a different story for those processing the cash for clunkers deal. >> it's a bureaucratic nightmare which should be a simple process made complex. it should be easy to trade in your old car for a new law but there are pages of legislation and it's so complex to apply and equally difficult for the government to process the applications. we've been paid perhaps on 3% of the deals we've done so far. >> despite the paperwork, jeff poe hanka says they will do approximately 1,000 deals. the 66 west ramm will close at route 50 to replace a
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concrete ramp. v-dot says expect closure. and we'll learn how ready maryland is for the swine flu. state health officials are working on a plan to offer the vaccine to every maryland resident who wants it, but the plan is dependent on the availability of the vaccine. the first clinical trial in children could begin this week. cdc gave a thumbs up after no red flags. researchers maintain they still don't know if the vaccine will produce enough of an immune response to protect people against the virus. it has served as a makeshift memorial for the trade center attack. well let you know why this road was shut down because of air traffic. but first congratulations to that pretty woman, the new
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look at this, double the fun today. welcome to fox 5. these are two chefs and instructors from stratford university here to make some delicious salads today. this is chef james sino pollie. and chef joe catchyola. how did i do on the last name? >> fine. >> can we just do first names. >> yes. >> what are we doing today? >> roasted beef and ricotta and
11:24 am
we're giving tips on how to -- roast beets. >> i hope this changes minds of nonbeet lovers. >> i've had people try canned bes and then they try fresh and it's a whole other world. >> and you're doing something else. >> roasted skin corn, fresh tomatoes, cucumber and grilled shrimp. >> so chef james and joe, we'll be back. and i want to tell you about an exciting program at stratford university. in this economy people are looking at being a chef, or something else. tucker and gurvir back to you. i have an idea, you try the beet salad and i'll try the -- >> i'm going to have the tomato and the shrimp salad. >> we're going to have to negotiate this. the forecast right now looks great. sunshine across the area. it should be a nice afternoon
11:25 am
and relatively quiet. and we'll take a look at area roadways coming up. and it's back to school across the area. we'll head to over prince george's county to see how the first day is going there. okay. can we talk? >> we'll have to negotiate this.
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some of the stories we're following this midday, this is the first day of class at public schools in the district. students and parents at burros education campus in northeast were greeted at the door by the pta with face masks and a letter warning about air quality from last-minute construction. there are parents who decided to keep their children at home today. the principal still maintains the school is safe. this year all teachers and students will be following a new set of guidelines spelled out in the teaching and learning framework. >> three major components, they are plan, teach and increase affectiveness. and this year, as we have begun to roll out, the focus will be
11:29 am
on teach. so what do we expect to see when we walk into the classroom every day? >> students will face a revised disciplinary code. the goal of the 200 page document is to meet city standards for every grade. and bells are ringing in prince george's county. there is something to be excited about. >> there sure is. and holly morris is in prince george's county to break it down. >> reporter: with 130,000 students enrolled, prince george's county is the second largest school system in the state of maryland, the 18th largest in the nation. but i'm here at benjamin fallois, as it is expected to be a shining star this academic year. >> good morning.
11:30 am
rock 'n' roll. let's see smiles on the face. i seen parents with smiles. mom and dad are happy, back to school. >> reporter: nothing beats the first day of school, for kids -- >> i'm really excited. >> reporter: and for parents. >> i'm excited. it was a long summer but i'm glad it's over. >> reporter: and here at benjamin fallois, it is the start of something new. >> it's good to see this in prince george's county and the improvements that they've done with the school. i met the staff and very impressed with the staff. we're looking forward to a great year. >> reporter: not only is the school one of six new k-8 schools in the county, but it's also the first performing arts cool in the southern portion of prince george's. >> it's an opportunity for them to learn by doing. they take their artistics talents and interests and connect those with academic ability. >> reporter: some students are uncertain about the nontraditional lesson plan. >> i'm excited, nervous, and
11:31 am
don't know what to expect. >> reporter: wild mother -- while others are more excited. >> want to produce and direct so i can be on tv. >> so you want to get an education and be a star. >> yes. >> reporter: so the curtain rises on this performing arts school, setting the stage for one show-stopping school year. >> welcome. welcome. >> reporter: and while you could say the lead roles go to the students, there is a big push in general in prince george's county for parents to be cast in the best supporting parts. the superintendent himself out today, campaigning for parents to either take their children to school or be there when they get off the bus. because studies show involved parents make for smarter kids. in prince george's county, holly morris, fox 5 news. >> benjamin fallois performing arts academy is modeled after
11:32 am
the performing arts school in other side of the prince george's county. and one of the jonas brothers will inspire other kids to manage their diabetes. i think he was diagnosed age 13. >> he's the cute as can be. >> he's the cute one. >> he is cute. the weather was nice outside. the humidity is down and it feels great. >> it's all about the humidity. once we get thhumidity out of this it feels so much better and this afternoon it will feel great. it will feel nice around here because we're taking the humidity out. still on the warm side with temperatures in the upper 80s. >> good. because gurvir and are srting to jog. >> and we're talking out it or g.nmn ay tuned, this will be reitengnsti. >> we can do it. >> that's right, gurvir. >> i have a feeling o dtoa stg about bad weather hapering both of your efforts. >> well we do have treadmills. >> there will be no excuses
11:33 am
ladies. i put my bets on allison. but we'll see what happens. >> oh. >> 80 at reagan national. 79 at dulles. a nice looking start to the day. a lot of sunshine here in washington. off to the south and east, we have the thunderstorms earlier today and down there it's still warmer. 79 at patuxent naval air station, 85 in orb and city. let's move on. i want to show you the the dew point temperatures. you have to kind of squint to see the numbers but the dry air is move in. the dew point temperature is only 61. we haven't talked about dew point temperatures in several weeks so the drier air will be moving in on the north and northwest winds later today and the air around here will continue to dry on out. off to the south and east, where we had the morning rain showers, the dew point temperatures are still holding at about 70 or so. 71 up towards salisbury. so it will be more humid down at the beaches this afternoon. but all of us will get in on
11:34 am
the drier air and that will feel more comfortable. and let's move on to the showers. severe thunderstorms down towards st. mary city and towards salisbury and that pushed off the coast. that's the last of the rain and now we're dealing with the satellite radar -- it's fading, but no shower or thunderstorm act tift, and very quiet conditions. and out in the ohio valley, we have high pressure building so that will get in here later today and that will help us out a lot this afternoon. so the front has been sitting out here, not doing much the last couple of days. remember it moved through on saturday. we'll finally get it out of here and allow high pressure to build in. we'll be in for a nice one this afternoon. lots of sunshine until the forecast. tonight will be comfortable, temperatures back in the 50s off to the north and west and the next couple of days, even though we're talking about temperatures in the upper 80s to about 90, at least we don't have to deal with the oppressive humidity. so good looking afternoon forecast for us here at the end
11:35 am
of the august. mostly sunny, warm, less humid than yesterday. winds out of the north and west at 5 miles per hour. tonight, that is a nice looking overnight number. 66 here in town. low 60s off to the north d west. partly cloudy skies. winds you out of the north at 5 miles per hour. the next couple of days, 88 tomorrow. should be plenty of sunshine both tuesday and wednesday. by wednesday, the afternoon highs about 90 degrees and then the next cold front gets in here thursday and friday, cools us o a little bit and gives us another chance for showers and thunderstorms. so if you want to get out and about this afternoon, take the dog for a walk, hit a golf ball, it should be beautiful. >> or jog. >> or jog. the challenge is on. >> yes. >> and now you have to tell people at home. >> i will. >> me too. >> i'm proud of both of you. >> thank you, tucker. tucker is a runner so thank you. turning to more news around the country, it's been serving as a makeshift memorial for
11:36 am
9/11 victims: a massive steel column that has been stored at jfk airport for the last eight years is being returned to ground zero. l rt of the memorial museum. mr it's a airline passenger's nightmare to be stuck on the tarmac for hours on end. >> now congress is moving to take action. what it may mean for you and me. it's in the works, coming up next. oh, alright, see... you're just moving your fingers, aren't you? i gotta cut my nails. (announcer) now get three amazing fios services for the price of two. tv, internet, and phone for only $79.99 a month for 6 months. plus a free multi-room dvr for three months. record shows in one room--watch in another. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v and get fios tv - ranked highest in overall customer
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emergency plane landing on a california freeway this weeken. the faa ays three cars ran into a small plane after it landed on the road. the plane was bound for a santa barbara airport when the pilot told air traffic control he was out of fuel. he was about a mile from the airport when the call came in. no one was hurt. you saw the horror stories that we can all relate to,
11:40 am
passengers stuck f hours with nowhere to go. matt acland now has what some lawmakers are planning to hold airlines accab: lethe nightmare 47 passengers took place at the rochester minnesota, airport. the small jet had just landed but because of confusion, the passengers were not allowed to leave the aircraft for over five hours. listen to the pilot. >> the people are getting upset, so we just need to work out some way to get them off. >> a similar situation at jfk in new york. 100 passengers this time, heading for the midwest. they had to wait six hours before they're flight could take off. so angered by this senator charles schumer and michael gee andar es have called for a passenger rights bill. >> it offers passengers the option of safely leaving a plane they boarded once the plan has sat on the ground for
11:41 am
three hours after the plane doors close. >> reporter: some passenger have described it as feeling trapped, with food and water running out, the bathrooms over flowing. >> we sit until the plane about another hour so it was six hours total. >> reporter: monique took a flight from florida and she still doesn't know why she was forked to wait so long in the terminal, only to board the plane and wait on the tarmac. >> what was it about? did they tell you? they didn't say anything. just asking us to be patient and wait and everybody was already inside of the plane. >> reporter: but other passengers are not so upset. megan, who just got off a plane that had to wait about half an hour for an open gate, says a new law might be going too far. >> i'm not sure if anything needs to be passed or anything like that, but i definitely think they need to be honest when th ng t--kial to you. epki r>>orter: but some lawmake want airlines to rdo a better tjob ofaking b care of
11:42 am
passengers. >> and the ntsb said they're there is nothing they can do and won't let them off the airplane. >> that's ridiculous. >> and monique says although she was leigdayed on her flight, the cabin crew was extremely helpful and offered drinks and snacks even though they couldn't offer a whole lot of information. >> that helps sometimes. >> sure it does. ladies, we've been there, having to reapply our lipstick over and over again. but now one product that looks like a marker. make your first application the only one need? is it a deal or dud? >> and we'll head over to studio b. to see what our guest chef is cooking up. first quentin tarantino tops the box office with brad pitt as the leader of jewish american soldiers who hunt
11:43 am
nazi, brings up top one. >> and the others were gi joe, time travelers wife, and julie and julia. we're back in a moment.
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schoolack in session means the return of the fox 5 game of the week. here is how it works. log on to and choose from the matchups. friendship collegiate, gonzaga, ballu or bishop o'connell. we'll broadcast live from the winning game friday at 5:00 in the evening and have extended highlights of the game on voting begins today and ends at noon on thursday. listen up lipstick lovers. do you love your color but hate applying. color girl has something called lip stain, but does it work. melissa puts it to the deal or
11:47 am
dud test. >> the girls at zack's frozen treats serve bright, beautiful creations all day long and they would like to look bright and beautiful too. that's why fox on your side asked them to try cover girl outlast lipstick. it's supposed to deliver a light wait flush of color that won't come off for hours. belinda, ashley and katie, are excited to find out if it's a deal or a dud. the instructions are simple. >> apply to clean, dry lips. >> reporter: the product resembles a marker and melinda easily draws on the lip stain, filling in with color. but she notices one problemch the color on the outside of the tube doesn't match with what ends up on her lips. >> i still like it.
11:48 am
but if this is the color you were warning, you're not -- you're want, you won't get that necessarily. >> and how about the shade ashley chose. >> it feels like your coloring your lips with a marker. >> reporter: her color is a little bit close, but there is still a difference. finally katie puts on her lip stain. it's supposed to be a nude shade, instead she gets a brighter pout, but still is happy. >> it doesn't feel like i'm wearing much of anything, so that's good. >> reporter: all of our volunteers say their lips feel moisturized and free of makeup. but how will the product hold up over time. remember it is called outlast lip stain. melinda, ashley and katie get back to work dishing up the soft serve and taking care of customers. >> reporter: a few hours later,
11:49 am
it's time for a snack break. >> we enjoy or yogurt and the color girl stain doesn't mind it either. but will it with stand the napkin. >> reporter: it passes our blot test. and each of our cover girls are pleased. >> i don't feel like i'm wearing anything. i forgot it was there. >> usually between licking my lips and eating and drinking, it's usually gone. and way less than four hours. >> stayed on pretty well and i'm pretty happy with it. >> reporter: she'll way it. easy, breezy, beautiful, but is it a deal? >> deal. >> deal,. >> deal. >> and now a lip stain that
11:50 am
holds up. >> reporter: melissa painter, fox news. >> and a representative from cover girl says the color of your lips may affect the appearance of the shade, but if you're interested, it costs about $7. and that product may come in useful today over in studio b., because we're going to be trying out some of the food that is cooking up over there. we need some lip stain. >> thank you. let me reintroduce chef joe and chef james. hello. >> hello. >> and these two gentlemen are have stratford university. and we are doing the shrimp salad. >> we started out making the dressing for it, and i think it is on your website. it is rice wine vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper to taste, hot
11:51 am
sauce, and a little bit of olive oil and cumin. and this is a great way to use up corn, like you always buy those ears of corn, you roast them or steam them and have it left over. cut it off the corn, off the ear, and just combine it all with the cucumber, a little bit of green peppers in there, red onion, and the tomatoes, which are beautiful this time of year. >> and it's tomato season. >> it is. it's one of the ways to start using it up. so toss all of that together and joe will give that a good toss. >> excellent. >> and we could put it -- joe, you want to go in here? >> absolutely. >> we'll put it in here. the shrimp was marinaded and then grilled and this is a great meal for the end of summer, where it's nice and hot still. even though it sounds like 66 degrees tonight, it's a good time for us not to be heating
11:52 am
up the kitchen. >> i love it. real good looking. >> and this can be just served like that. >> really nice. >> the next thing we want to go to is beets are really popular right now too. and they're very good for you. so joe roasted the beets this moing. we're going to just show you how the peel the beets once they've been roasted. >> delicious beets. >> what did you do with them? >> i cleaned them, tossed them with some olive oil and some sea salt. and can you see how easily these peel. >> that lip stain lipstick won't come off and this won't come off your hands if you don't have to use gloves. you have to use the gloves, worth size you stain everything. >> in fact, when i cut them at home, if i don't want to stain any cutting board, i'll wrap it in a little bit of plastic wrap
11:53 am
and i'm not going to stain it. it's a beautiful beet right there. >> so let's show you now how to make the proper dressing. a proper salad dressing is basically oil vinegar. and it's one part vinegar to three parts oil, traditionally. most people don't like all of that oil and the reason why we're making it from scratch is because we can actually control how much fat is going into it. >> absolutely, and what type of fat. >> absolutely. so i'm going to put a few shallots n here, about two shallots, chopped. joe and i disagree. my family uses a lot of garlic. he said no garlic. >> i don't like raw garlic for me. >> too much? >> yeah. >> and now we have the mustard in there and we'llput the one part vinegar and joe will whisk that up. and we'll put a little salt and
11:54 am
pepper. >> joe, do you do sugar? a little sugar is nice. >> now i ate this before when i went on camera so i left some sugar for you. >> if you put in sugar, it will help balance the acidity within the oil. and my family does two parts oil. we like it a little acidic. >> and the dejohn mustard acts as a stabilizer and keep it's together. >> and if you get in the kitchen, you have to decide what is right for you. >> absolutely. >> as you're finishing, but i teased you with what is new at stratford university and they're starting a new bachelor's program in nursing. and we know stratford primarily for culinary skills, but there is also nursing. we're going to link all of this information on our website, to stratford and
11:55 am
you can find outabout the programs and these delicious recipes. so now that's te dressing, and that's it? >> that's the dressing. >> and that's the roasted beets and the goat cheese and what else? >> that's all you need. >> and we'll come back and taste it. so chef thanks you so much. we'll stay with the two recipes when we come back. stay with us. 
11:56 am
11:57 am
11:58 am
breaking news out of the district right now. d.c. fire is responding to reports of a man hole explosion. this is in the 1500 block of
11:59 am
19th street northwest. we understand several people have been hurt. they've been burned. we have a crew on the scene. we'll have much more on the breaking story today at 5:00 and on excites will light up over florida tonight. the space shuttle discovery is set to launch at 1:36 a.m. and one of the seven crew members is a local fella. pat forester of springfield, virginia. the discovery will deliver supplies to the international space station, including a treadmill. we talked about the importance of staying in shape up in space. >> but not walking on our feet and having these signal that's go to our brain like hey show uses these bones and muscles, because we don't do that, our brain doesn't get that necessariage and we actually lose up to 1% a month of bone mass. >> one of the pieces of exercise gear is a treadmill. it's named colbert after comedy

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